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Tissue types and care

Flock - nonwoven material (velvet substitute). It is an upholstery furniture fabric with a base of polyester and cotton (usually 35% - cotton, 65% - synthetic), on which the wool is applied by the electrostatic method. This gives the flock a velvet surface. Flock meets all the basic requirements of furniture fabrics. The appearance is very worthy. Flocks withstand any loads, treated with dirt and water-repellent impregnation.

Flock Care

Cleaning can be done with the most conventional water-based detergents.

To remove dust and maintain the silky gloss of the material, the fabric needs to be regularly treated with a vacuum cleaner.

Stains applied with a ball pen or lipstick can be neutralized with a 10% alcohol solution.

Fresh fat and wet spots are easy to remove if you apply a well water-absorbing towel to them. Treat the contaminated area with a small amount of water and soft soap, wait for 2 - 3 minutes, then wipe the spot with circular movements of the sponge or soft brush.

Ice cream - rub with a brush with a rigid pile, then treat it with a foaming agent.

Don 't try to bounce off the dried spots or the stuck pile of material. Do not use cleaning products containing strong chemicals as well as solvents based on petroleum products.