Useful information

Care of fabrics

In order for the furniture to remain in good condition, it is necessary to regularly treat the fabric upholstery with a vacuum cleaner or soft brush and to remove any substance capable of causing staining in a timely manner.

Cleaning products

Remember that it is necessary to clean the fabric with light circular movements from the outer edge to the center. After cleaning, it is necessary to immediately dry with hot air at some distance from the fabric.

Not recommended:

  • Perform abrasive cleaning;
  • The use of abrasive cleaners, detergents, ammonia water or any other chemical solutions;
  • Application of aggressive liquids of high concentration (alcohols, acids, alkalis, solvents, oxygen oxidants).

For the majority of furniture fabrics, it is recommended dry clean only (dry-cleaner).

Recommendations for upholstery care with removable covers

Most fabrics used for upholstery of soft furniture with removable covers can be washed manually, and some can be washed in a washing machine (see manufacturer 's recommendations). At the same time, it is very important to observe the following rules:

  • Wipe the covers by turning them inside out, with zippers attached. If there are stickers on the covers, isolate them from the tissue.
  • Use neutral detergents.
  • Erase at manufacturer recommended temperature. When using a washing machine, choose a delicate washing program.
  • Use a minimum of centrifuges.
  • It is necessary to dry the fabric at room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight.
  • Smooth at manufacturer-recommended temperature through white cotton cloth. Tissues like microfibre and shenill are ironed from the back.

It is not recommended:

  • Use of cleaning agents containing bleaches;
  • Use of softeners.
  • Remove local contaminants
  • Coffee, tea, fruit juice

Wet the spot with soft cloth or napkin. Apply neutral detergent foam, treat with clean water. If the stain is not removed, use a 10% solution of ammonia diluted with warm water. Wash after treatment with warm water. Be sure to dry with warm air using a hairdryer at a distance of 30-40 cm.

White Wine

Treat the tissue area with a solution of 1 part water and 3 parts methyl alcohol. Then wash with soap water or soap foam. Wash with warm water. Be sure to dry with warm air using a hairdryer at a distance of 30-40 cm.


Wash with soft cloth or napkin. Wash using warm water (max 40С) in combination with a 3% denatured alcohol solution. After treatment wash with water. Dry immediately with warm air using a hairdryer 30-40 cm away.

Chewing gum

The gum area is temporarily frozen by ice cubes placed in a polyethylene bag and then removed by a spatula.


After complete drying, treat the chocolate spot with soap water. Be sure to dry with warm air using a hairdryer at a distance of 30-40 cm.


Do not remove wax drops until they are frozen. The solidified wax should be crushed and removed from the surface of the fabric. Burn the remaining spot through the paper. Repeat mechanical cleaning using a semi-rigid brush or brush.


Remove the stain with cold water.