Useful information

Operational guidelines

Humidity (over 70%) causes distortion of the wood frame and corrosion of the transformation mechanism.

Furniture shall be at least 50 cm from heat radiators or other heating devices.

It is necessary to avoid the use of soap, cleaning solvents, furniture varnish, oils, drying oil, ammonia and other chemical solutions.

You cannot put hot, bulky objects and objects with sharp angles on the skin or fabric-inhabited surfaces.

It is not possible to make sharp and strong movements when opening the sofa.

Avoid direct sunlight on upholstery tissue or skin, thereby preventing premature burnout of tissue or skin color.

To avoid distortions, do not install the furniture on the uneven floor, and if there are irregularities, compensate them with appropriate gaskets to base the furniture.

Clean the furniture twice a month with a vacuum cleaner.

Never use hairdryer and heating appliances to dry soft furniture in the skin.

After transportation of furniture at negative temperatures, it must be left packed in a warm room for at least 24 hours in order for the skin to fully regain its elasticity.

Natural leather furniture must be cared for by special means.

Do not use abrasives, powders, and pastes to clean leather upholstery.