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How to choose furniture

The sofa is an extremely important and useful thing, so it, like all soft furniture, is bought for years. Sofas, chairs, beds... We treat the choice of these interior items with a special addiction.

Let 's go buy furniture in ARDONI!

To find a sofa that will make your home more comfortable and better, you need to choose a good furniture salon. Whatever you say, but buying a sofa in a doubtful place is to act on the principle of "skimpy pays twice." A well-known fact, the cost of furniture by 50% is materials and components. They don 't save for quality in the paraphernalia. We manage to maintain affordable prices by improving internal processes and improving productivity. Besides, a good salon is not only confidence in the product, but also positive emotions from the selection process itself.

Size has a value of

It is worth determining in advance the dimensions of the sofa suitable for your room. After all, it is unfortunate to "seep" between the sofa and the closet and feel an acute shortage in the free square meters. Therefore, in order to be spacious in the future in the room, at the time of selection of the sofa, it is necessary to take into account the size of the room and the location of the doors. It 's all very important, so pay attention to the numbers.

How do I "turn" a sofa into a bed?

You already have an idea of why you need a sofa and where you 'll put it. You already know whether you need to use the transformation mechanism every day or whether it is a "stock-about-stock" that is necessary for guests. Now ask the consultant to show you how the sofa that 's interested in you is going to unfold, and then try to unfold it yourself.

Choose the couch soul...

Agree, "convenient one" does not mean "convenient all." Everyone has their own idea of comfort. For someone - it is an incredibly soft landing, for someone - on the contrary, more resilient, for others - exceptionally soft leather furniture. Besides, there are a lot of nuances, such as the depth of the seat, the inclination of the back, and so on. ARDONI features soft furniture from the manufacturer with different ergonomics so you can easily find the sofa to your liking. To understand your model or not, it is necessary to sit on sofas, as you would sit on them at home. It is still worth considering that sofas without a mechanism will be softer than the same sofas with a mechanism.

The main thing - that the suit sits

The design is subtle. In "ARDONI" you will see sofas and chairs of different shapes, different style directions. But it will decide on a model - it is only half a dal. You have an exciting process to choose upholstery. Often with the help of material and decoration, it is possible to completely change the image of the sofa. Of course, sofa shapes initially set their criteria; Somewhere - skin and one-ton fabrics look better, somewhere - fabric with a large rapport, with geometric or floristic design. Such nuances are better taken into account so that the chosen upholstery decorates the forms of the sofa and emphasizes its advantages.

Leg Selection

Feet at soft furniture can be a bright accent or an elegant addition in the image of a sofa. They can be different in shape and are made of different materials - wood or metal. Wood on wooden legs should be strong, and varnish on them - smooth. On metal legs, there must be a hard mirror chrome so that the legs do not scratch. Also, all legs of ARDONI sofas are equipped with protective supports, which allows preserving floor coating. All the best soft furniture: sofas and chairs, as well as corner sofas, have such supports.


When you studied the catalog of soft furniture and chose your sofa, the smallest thing is to order. The sales consultant will provide you with the required documents. Be sure to read the contract carefully, make sure you are satisfied with everything, and only then sign. Note that soft furniture wholesale and retail are offered on special terms.