Useful information

  • Product information

    About the peculiarities of "Ardoni" products

  • Care of fabrics

    In order for the furniture to remain in good condition, it is necessary to regularly treat the fabric upholstery with a vacuum cleaner or soft brush and to remove any substance capable of causing staining in a timely manner.

  • Care of skin

    For the skin to have a flawless look and serve longer, it is necessary to properly care for it.

  • How to choose furniture

    The sofa is an extremely important and useful thing, so it, like all soft furniture, is bought for years. Sofas, chairs, beds... We treat the choice of these interior items with a special addiction.

  • Tissue types and care

    In this article, we will tell you how to properly take care of the types of fabrics that we use in the manufacture of "Ardoni" products.

  • Operational guidelines

    Recommendations for the use of "Ardoni" furniture. A few practical tips on how to preserve the qualities of a new sofa for decades.