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The appearance of products and behavior of upholstery.

Folds may appear on the upholstery of soft furniture during operation. This is caused by operational factors - deformation of soft elements and stretching of upholstery material under operational load.

Sofa cushions with "sedaflex" and "French lining" mechanisms are made removable, attached to the product with the help of "Contact" tape, which allows to remove, shake and beat them periodically. This will return the cushions to volume and spread the wrinkles on the upholstery. Fixing removable cushions on the screen of the machine frame is not rigid, so they have to be corrected periodically.

Seat cushions of the main rolling-out mechanism Venice 2, are made according to the scheme "Elastoform" on flat springs of the "snake" type. Such a structure has high elasticity and resistance to residual deformation exceeding any other analogs. In seats of this type, the occurrence of residual deformation folds is not permitted during the warranty service life.

Cushions of seats of articles without mechanism are made on rubber-fabric frame bases and are also not subject to drawing of the front surface of the cover in view of the above-mentioned design features.

The products executed in facial skin with "a natural face".

This is a skin of high price categories. At an upholstery of such products, there can be all available natural tags received by an animal during a lifetime - hardly noticeable traces from stings of insects, the healed scars, a brand, cervical folds, scratches, streaks, traces from blood vessels. These natural tags give special charm and emphasize the naturalness of a covering of furniture, without any additional chemical treatments. In use, there is a natural process of "life" of skin. On it's front layer small hair cracks and luster, especially on loading places of application (sitting and a back) can appear. The guarantee for similar changes of outward skin does not extend. Attentively follow the instruction for the care of genuine leather.

The colors of individual parts of the article or of different articles of the same set of furniture may vary slightly in color intensity and shade. It is a natural property of natural leather products. The intensity of the natural relief of the natural skin surface can vary even within a single skin, this is due to different skin densities in different parts of the skin and different degrees of skin stretching. Therefore, the inhomogeneity of the relief (pattern) of different parts of the product is a natural property of natural leather products, which is not a defect. Due to the natural non-uniform density of the skin in different parts of the skin, the different softness of the areas with a tolerance of weak stiffness is also possible. Single stealth defects can be restored and are not a defect. Single minor foreign inclusions are allowed.

Products made in combinations of upholstery materials, leather with adjusted face plus artificial leather.

Natural and artificial leather are two heterogeneous materials made according to different technologies (used dyes, application of dye, production conditions). The color rendering of these materials, due to the different properties of the reflecting surfaces, is different under different lighting, which can lead to the effect of different shades. Therefore, natural leather parts may differ in tint up to 5 points, and in embossing character from artificial leather parts within tolerance.

Grumpy furniture fabrics.

A characteristic feature of most furniture fabrics having a pile (flock, schennil, velour) is that when the angle or direction of the light incident changes, the color of the fabric changes. The degree of change in the color of the fabric depends on its pile and the properties of the moorage. In the course of operation of the furniture covered with the pile fabric, areas may be formed in areas of more frequent contact with the heap and, as a result, with the changed color of the fabric. These features of pile tissue are not defects.

When ordering soft furniture from thick pile fabrics, the side parts of the seat blocks of the reclassifiers, the canapé with the lifting of the box, as well as the mechanisms Venice 2 are made of natural leather of the most suitable color. This is necessary in order to avoid increased friction of the "heap-to-weave" parts, which makes it difficult for the seat unit to move during the operation of the mechanism. The color of the skin may be specifically agreed upon by the buyer at the time of ordering. The buyer has the right not to use antifriction leather inserts, and the operation of the mechanism will be correct, although it will take place with a slightly greater effort on the part of the user, and during long-term operation the color changes of the friction parts related to the change in the position of the pile will be visible.

Convertible products and options.

For reliable operation of moving parts in convertible products of folding sofas, folding chairs, and seat, technological gaps between moving parts and adjacent to its products of size up to 25 mm are provided. The presence of these gaps is specified in technical documentation for the article and is not a defect. The presence of noise, screen, occurring during the operation of convertible products is not a defect.

Furniture elements with paint coating.

Furniture parts made of natural wood with a transparent paint coating can differ from each other in shade and texture pattern, both within one product and between products in a set of furniture. It is a natural property of a natural tree caused by its natural origin and is not a defect. The shade of the opaque paint coating of the furniture parts may differ slightly from the sample presented by the manufacturer, which is caused by the peculiarities of the technology of creating the opaque coating.

Use of technical fabric.

Individual furniture surfaces that are invisible in normal use (underside of the seat cushions, underside of the article, side surfaces of the article that are covered by other articles when the furniture set is joined), or that are closed in use (mattresses, parts of folding sofas visible in the bed position), are tightened by a technical fabric. The type of technical fabric shall not be agreed with the Purchaser and shall be determined at the manufacturer 's discretion. The seller reserves the right to replace the type of technical fabric other than the one presented in the cabin sample or accompanying documentation.

Modify the product design.

The manufacturer is constantly working to improve the products produced, taking into account the wishes of the customers, and reserves the right not to inform about changes in the design, manufacturing technology, as well as changes in the used furniture and métizes, if such changes do not impair the consumer properties of the products.

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