New: The Modular System BOLOGNA


The modular system Bologna is laconic simple lines, special functionality and trend decorative elements. 

Special dimensional line of modules.

Sofa BOLOGNA represents a set of original modules of various width (80, 120, 160 and 200 cm) which can be combined and connected in any order among themselves for receiving a convenient and original complete set of sofa.

Sidewalls traditionally have 3 width that is very convenient for adaptation of sofa to small rooms.

Additional expressive decor

The back of the main modules at the request of the client can be tightened for giving the volume and original design. It is good to use such a sofa for zoning of space, receiving the most individual interior.

Sofa sidewalls Bologna can be decorated:

  • Molding from the wood
  • The molding revetted with interline interval
  • Decorative welt
  • Library with three different designs
  • Adaptation of landing

The modular BOLOGNA system has back pillows of different height that allows choosing the optimum and comfortable decision for each client.


The sofa Bologna is equipped with reliable mechanism TICK-TOCK. It is simple in use and has a linen box.

As far as it has different width of seat cushions, it is necessary to consider that at B30-Pr (160)-B30 package it will be long berth of only 160 centimeters (when using the P2r120 module – 120 centimeters ). It is not enough for the adult, but it can quite be suitable for the children.

To make a standard berth with the Pr160 module it is necessary to use in addition the module of canape or U90 (UO90) in combination with P80.

Schemes of the most convenient sets are placed in technical documentation about the indication of the sizes of the berth.

Optimum variability, the possibility of use of various elements modules for various purposes allows you to create own combinations on the basis of ready blocks modules,

The modular BOLOGNA system is the concept of identity. The brightest ARDONI model in 2019.