New: The Modular System ANDORRA


We present to your attention the first innovation of 2019 - the modular sofa Andorra.

* Andorra has combined all the main trends of recent years:

* Unique dimension grid of modules

* Adaptation of landing for client

* Original Modules

* Sleeping place

* Storage systems

All this in the current modern design, demanded on the market TODAY.


The first thing that identifies The modular sofa Andorra among the other lines is the presence of THREE sizes of seat width: 67, 80 and 100.

In this way, you can fit the sofa to your needs as accurately as possible, retaining the external design.

Continuing the theme of adapting the sofa under the room in Andorra there are 3 sides of varying width.

Rant on the side already well established itself in modern sofas of straight forms, so very logically supplemented the new model of ANDORRA.


Taking into account modern non-standard premises and diverse tastes of customers, we developed 2 variants of the canape module: P1K (flat canape) and K1K (canape projecting on the sidewall). The K1K module can only be executed with B20 and B30.

Andorra's second advantage was sub-dorsal cushions of different heights:

  • Design 1 - low (39cm)

  • Design 2 - high (49 cm) with roller

The different height of the pillows allows you to choose the option that is more convenient when landing for the customer.


Special attention should be paid to the K1 module. It is an end module with a stationary sidewall but a lower height. The different levels of sidewalls on one sofa have been a trend for many years and always look original in the interior. An additional bonus is the presence of a spacious laundry box.

The К1 module has only one size with a width of 80 centimeters.


A special solution of designers was the open corner module UО90 with an additional mobile cushion. When the room is zoned, such an angle will be a successful solution, as it will visually make the sofa lighter from the back and will give access to the seat from the outside.

The additional UО90 cushion is a kind of mobile back, which you can also order on the puff, forming a more convenient seat.

In general, this flexibility of the model allows you to decide how to use different modules functionally.

Special attention was paid to the storage system by the designers. The system of storage is practically in all models: P2r, P1, K1K, P1K, K1. Therefore, with the purchase of the Andorra sofa, the issue of storage of additional pillows and bedding will be closed by 100%.


The modular system of Andorra is equipped with a reliable mechanism TIC-TAK. It is easy to use and has a linen box.

As far as the sofa has the different width of seat cushions, it is necessary to consider that at B30-P2r67-B30 package it will be long berth of only 134 centimeters (when using the P2r80 module – 160 centimeters). It is not enough for the adult, but it can quite be suitable for the children.

To make a standard berth with the P2r67 module it is necessary to use the module of canape or U90 (UO90) in combination with P1.

Schemes of the most convenient sets are placed in technical documentation about the indication of the sizes of the berth.

Андорра кор.jpg