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  • The furniture production foundation in the Cherdaklinsky district of Ulyanovsk on the acquired lands of the destroyed livestock complex. The furniture business in these years was popular and promising. It was during this period that more than 40 furniture factories were opened in the Ulyanovsk region, which currently allow considering Ulyanovsk as the furniture capital of Russia.

  • The management of the company faced the question of further development on the threshold of the new millennium. At that time there were already two young productions in the property: soft furniture and interior doors. Both directions were promising, but required financial costs and time. Therefore, it was decided to consolidate all forces on the door direction, and to freeze the furniture project. This decision led to the emergence of the brand Dariano, one of the largest manufacturers of interior doors on the Russian market.

  • The resumption of furniture production is already a young generation of owners. The old furniture shop has been restored and renovated. New sewing equipment purchased. Experienced personnel has been assembled from small furniture plants of the Ulyanovsk region.

  • The working assortment of the factory has been formed. The models that later became sales leaders were designed: Sultan and Seattle. A new stage of development of furniture direction began.

  • The marketing network of the factory covered the cities of Volga, Central and North-West federal districts.

  • The management of the company decided on large-scale financing of the furniture direction of the business. This was the reason for the rebranding and the trademark of soft furniture ARDONI appeared.
    The first participation of ARDONI in the 25th international exhibition Furniture - 2013.

  • The company bought the production area and system of operation of one of the largest Russian factories with more than 20 years of experience. The area of production, storage and auxiliary premises of ARDONI factory is more than 10 thousand square meters. The main production staff has been working in the factory for more than 5 years.
    The design department of the factory has developed and launched into mass production four new original modular sofas: Munich, Chicago, Madrid, and Tuscany.

  • More than 10 brand salons ARDONI are open in the Russian Federation.
    The design bureau of the factory has developed and launched new modular sofas: Sicily, Dallas, Monaco, Cologne, and Erfuthr.

  • The design bureau of the factory has developed and launched new modular sofas: Navara, Naples, Iton and Bergamo. And also introduced a new collection of sofas based on the mechanism Eurobook: Salerno, Mario, and Crete.

    The brand salons ARDONI presented in more than 60 cities of Russia.

  • The brand range has expanded with new models: Bormio, Brighton, and Palermo. Designed the first classic sofa in Italian style Valencia.

    More than 120 brand salons work in Russia. The first brand salons in the Republic of Belarus have been opened.

    In 2017, the factory succeeded in developing its own range of upholstery materials. More than 20 collections of fabrics and leather are available on factories and are distributed only in the dealer network ARDONI. 

  • ARDONI furniture factory has participated for the first time in the international exhibition #MOBITEX2018, which took place in Brno, Czech Republic.

    The modular system Parma was developed - it is the first sofa based on powder Memory Foam in the range of factory.

    ARDONI furniture factory took part in the 30-international exhibition FURNITURE 2018, which took place from November 19 to November 23 in "Expocentre" TVK.

    The exhibition featured 5 factory innovations in different style directions, with different landing comfort and different functional options: Ibiza, Prague, Sydney, Turin, and San Remo.

    The Modular System Sydney  was awarded the National Industrial Design Award RUSSIAN CABRIOL.