1. The factory guarantees compliance of Goods to requirements of GOST 19917-93.

2. The guarantee of Factory for Goods works within 18 (eighteen) months from the date of production at observance by the Buyer of conditions of transportation, storage, assembly and operation of Goods.

3. Such shortcomings which could not be found at normal check during reception-transmission of Goods are recognized as the latent defects and are revealed only in the course of preparation for assembly, in build process, storage and operation of Goods if these shortcomings make impossible use of Goods to destination and not caused by the wrong transportation, storage, mounting of Goods.

4. If the Factory agrees not with arguments of the Buyer concerning the existence of the latent defects of Goods, then the Buyer has the right to file to the independent expert organization a petition on conducting an examination of goods.

5. The factory during the guaranty period provides free repair or replacement of Goods in case of detection of defects of factory character according to terms of the contract.

6. The defects of Goods which arose owing to not observance of rules of transportation, storage, mounting or operation of finished goods are defined as the shortcoming which arose because of the Buyer, the transport organization, the Consumer and to guarantee replacement (exchange), are not subject to compensation by Factory.

7. Free warranty repair is not made in a case:

  • Expirations of guaranty period.

  • At violation of the rules of transportation, delivery, storage, operation and care of the furniture.

  • In the presence of traces of foreign intervention or repair without an act of examination agreed with factory manufacturer.

  • At detection of traces of the influence of liquids, chemicals, solvents and also damages by animals, mechanical damages

  • Exceeding of allowable loads on the transformation mechanism

  • Uses of a product for production purposes.

  • Causing damage to a product or its losses owing to force majeure circumstances (elements, the fire, a flood, accidents, etc.).

  • Causing damage to a product as a result of modification of its construction

  • For warranty repair and examination furniture on replacement is not provided.

8. Defects of furniture are not:

  • Insignificant cloudiness of upholstery fabrics and skin.

  • Insignificant cloudiness of color and difference of the drawing of paint and varnish coating (decor).

  • Small hair cracks (so-called "effect of cracking"), abrasion of furniture covering from genuine leather arising at the operation of furniture in places of continuous operation ·

  • The easy folds on facing material of soft elements arising later removals of loadings and disappearing after easy smoothing by a hand.

The factory reserves the right to the modification of products improving their operational properties without prior notice.